I'm a financial analyst and strategist with 20+ years industry experience in financial markets (both equity and debt), investment fundraising, intellectual property, macro-economics, and mathy model building. Spent a decade each in both corporate finance and venture capital, and have delivered high profile analyses to Bill Gates, JY Lee of Samsung, BlackRock, Tencent and other global names. My nationality is American, but have spent 8 years living in East Asia, and don’t subscribe to any one tribal view.

Some people play golf, I like to drink coffee and analyze stuff. While I've spent decades analyzing complex financial problems, over time I've become interested in expanding this to the study of socioeconomic patterns.

As a pragmatician and taoist I approach serious topics in finance/socioeconomics ploddingly, building up sensible and realistic models which break theoretics, while ignoring the disaster of attention-deficit post-reason cults blooming across the disinformation sphere (i.e. the internet).

With mass media plagued by anti-intellectualism, we need to hear from people who actually know something about the topics, and are still capable of basic reasoning and intellectual honesty. One solution is for the professionals and academics to bypass corporate mass media, and report directly to the public, financed by crowdfunding.

By the way...the pseudonym comes from Ptolemy (pronounced like “Tolemee Three”) the Greek inventor of pure intonation tuning using proper mathematical ratios. You can follow me using the social media links below, contact me with ideas for future analyses, or even hire me as a strategic/financial consultant in your think tank.

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