I'm an investment analyst and strategist with 20 years industry experience in financial markets, macro-economics, and mathy model building.

Some people play golf, some work on their car, but I like to drink coffee and analyze things! While I've spent decades analyzing complex financial problems, over time I've become more interested in analyzing socioeconomic problems—the intersection between economic cycles and social cycles—as well as the ultimate macro-analysis which is anthropology and evolutionary biology. These writings are the output.

With corporate mass media plagued by anti-intellectualism, we need to hear from people who actually know something about the topics, and are still capable of basic reasoning and intellectual honesty. One solution is for the professionals and academics to bypass mass media, and report directly to the public.

By the way...the pseudonym comes from Ptolemy the Greek inventor of the just major scale (not the third king of the Ptolemaic dynasty in Egypt). You can follow me using the social media links below, thanks!

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