I'm an investment analyst/strategist with 15+ years industry experience in financial markets, macro-economics, and mathy model building. Also an enthusiastic modular synthesizer knob tweaker. I like ideas, analysis, synthesis, and macro-problem solving—these essays are the output.

Small-market new media is on the rise, and really the only place to find independent thinkers. Corporate mass media is over, nothing but propaganda and anti-intellectual nonsense, but much of the "alt-media" is just as bad. We need to hear from reasonable people who actually know something about the topics. One solution is for the professionals and academics to bypass mass media, and report directly to the public. What I'm going to try to provide here are in-depth analyses on socioeconomics, finance, markets, political strategy, and even some philosophy.

By the way...the pseudonym comes from Ptolemy the Greek inventor of the just major scale (not the third king of the Ptolemaic dynasty in Egypt).

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