Macro-level thinkings and analyses... developed with some IQ points and coffee

Warning: these are long-form anti attention deficit disorder writings. I spend years, or even decades, thinking about topics before writing up an analysis. Realistically it will take most readers a lot of time to assimilate these thinkings—this isn’t 21st century “5 minute read” media.



Political Spectrum, Rearranged

A macro-historic analysis, and subsequent rearrangement of the "left-right" political spectrum to better explain the observations. 


The Mathematical Certainty of U.S. Government Default

In conducting an analysis of an entity's solvency, there is a financial tipping point, after which there is no mathematical way out. The "way out” becomes default. The United States government reached that point at least 15 years ago.


Corporatism: Legal-Entity-Based Artificial Intelligence

In the late 20th century, an unsuspected form of artificial intelligence took control. It did so while we were busy looking elsewhere, dreaming up nightmare scenarios about the potential threat of technological AI.